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Shipping Link

Looking to generate shipping labels from various sales channels? The Shipping link simplifies and expedites the process!

Have you ever sold products on social media or through WhatsApp? With the Shipping link, your orders are prepared for shipping quickly! Through the Shipping link, your customers provide the required information to generate the shipping label. Afterwards, this label appears in your shipment overview and is ready for printing. This translates to: no copying and pasting, fewer errors, and an increased likelihood of making a sale!
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What is the Shipping Link?

Bij gebruik van social media, Whatsapp, e-mail of een ander platform als verkoopkanaal moet je meerdere handelingen verrichten om een daadwerkelijke verkoop op het platform te realiseren. Gegevens moeten worden uitgevraagd, met de gegevens wordt handmatig een label aangemaakt, er moet uitleg gegeven worden over de manier van verzenden en bezorging, en er vindt een betaling plaats. Dat is foutgevoelig en tijdrovend. Het kan een stuk makkelijker, sneller én gebruiksvriendelijker met de Verzendlink. De Verzendlink is de functionaliteit binnen ons platform waarmee je voor jouw verkochte product(en) direct een verzendlabel aan kunt maken vanuit iedere conversatie binnen elk gewenst social media- of verkoopkanaal.

Hoe werkt de Verzendlink?

myparcel 1. Produce a link for the order.

myparcel 2. Distribute the link using social media, email, or WhatsApp.

myparcel 3. Your customer inputs the required information to generate the shipping label.

myparcel 4. The shipping label is automatically displayed in your shipments overview and is prepared for printing.

myparcel 5. Affix the shipping label onto the shipment and take it to a nearby PostNL location.

The advantages of the Shipping link for you (and your online store)!

1. Your order can be prepared for shipping in just a few straightforward steps.

2. Seamlessly integrate a new sales channel.


3. Possibility to sell and ship without a webshop.

4. Eliminate the need for copying and pasting contact and address details when creating a shipping label.

5. The Shipping link increases the likelihood of making a purchase. The buyer doesn’t have to leave the platform, reducing the chances of getting distracted or abandoning the process.

6. With the Shipping link, you provide the same reliable and trustworthy buying experience as in your webshop. The buyer can choose their preferred delivery option, and you keep them informed about the delivery status using your personalized Track & Trace email and page.

7. Managing multiple sales channels from a single account! This offers a clear and convenient solution for your administrative tasks.